Keynote Speaker



Jeffrey Hemmer

Rev. Jeffrey Hemmer is a husband to Laura, the father of six children, pastor of Bethany Evangelical Lutheran Church in Fairview Heights, Illinois, a PhD candidate at Concordia Seminary, the author of Man Up: The Quest for Masculinity (CPH, 2017) and Behold the Man  sermon series and devotions for Lent and Easter (CPH, 2019), a wannabe farmer, maker of some things, fixer of some other things, grower of beards, and general curmudgeon. 


Description of the Topic:

"Haven't you read," Jesus asked the Pharisees, "that in the beginning, the Creator made them male and female?" What is man? What is woman? What is mankind? What is a human being? These should be easy questions to answer, but we live in the midst of an increasingly confused culture." In the beginning" sets the parameters for the debate, according to Jesus. "In the beginning" sets the mold for what is an ideal man and an ideal woman. "In the beginning" points us both backwards to how man and woman were before the fall into sin and also forward to the New Eden where man and woman will be perfectly human again.

But we don't live in the beginning. We live in the "between," between the beginning and the next beginning, between the Fall and the Restoration, between the loss of our perfect humanity and the resurrection of perfect humans.

Join Pr. Hemmer to dig into the Word of God to answer these two nearly perennial questions: What is man? and What is woman? The roles God gives to men as men and to women as women are both good and necessary to the flourishing of society and church. Be you a man or a woman, this will be a refreshing reclamation of a biblical worldview on why God has created you to be who you are.