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Schedule of Events
(Subject to Change)

Friday, April 19

6:15 PM Evening Prayer (Sanctuary)

    Preacher: Rev. Dr. Adam C. Koontz


7:30 PM Presentation 1 (Sanctuary)

     Rev. Dr. Adam C. Koontz


8:45 PM Gemütlichkeit (The German Table)

     107 W. Main St. Cole Camp


Saturday, April 20

9:00 AM Matins (Sanctuary)

     Preacher: Rev. Jesse Schlie


10:00 AM Presentation 2 (Sanctuary)

       Rev. Dr. Adam C. Koontz


11:15 AM Presentation 3 (Sanctuary)

     Rev. Andrew Preus


12:15 PM Lunch (Fellowship Hall)


1:15 PM Presentation 4 (Sanctuary)

   Mr. Daniel Derendinger


2:30 PM Panel Discussion (Sanctuary)


3:30 PM Closing Devotion (Sanctuary)

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