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Welcome to the video archives of the Marriage & Family Conference. This page is here to give you an idea of what the conference is all about. These videos are just a glimpse into topics that are covered during the conference. Each year new themes are introduced to encourage your family to grow in faith

Videos 2022

Marriage & Family Opening Service

Plenary #1 with Pastor Rottmann

Plenary #2 with Pastor Rottmann

Q & A Panel

Videos 2021

Friday Evening Prayer - Rev. Jeffrey Hemmer

Saturday Morning Matins - Rev. Leonard Poppe

Lutherans For Life - Kristi Hofferber

Plenary #1 - Rev. Jeffrey Hemmer

Plenary #2 - Rev. Jeffrey Hemmer

Videos 2019

Friday Evening Prayer - Rev. Bryan Wolfmueller

Plenary 1 - The Three Estates: Family, Church, & State

Saturday Matins - Rev. Jeremy Freeman

Plenary 2 - The Three Estates & The Two Kingdoms

Saturday Afternoon Panel Q &A 

Saturday Vespers - Rev. Andrew Tessone

Videos 2018

Plenary 1 - Gods Gift of Marriage & Children

Plenary 2 - Confessing the Truth of Marriage in a Hostile World

Friday - Evening Vespers

Matins - Rev. David Herald

Vespers - Rev. Morris Meseke

Saturday Afternoon - Panel Q &A

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