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Breakout Sessions

Rev. Steve Andrews Jr.

Place of Service: St. Matthew – Lee’s Summit, MO

Breakout Title: The Subtle Idols Slaying Our Children

Breakout Description: In many ways, Jesus would call His disciples to be “in the world” but not “of the world.” Yet, often, the lives our families lead look little, if any, different from the world around us. The temptations of our sinful flesh are strong, and the world and the devil play a sneaky and deceptive game. What dangers have we perhaps simply accepted to be truth? How can we help guide our children (and ourselves!) to be transformed by the renewal of our mind, rather than conforming to this world?


Rev. Heath Curtis

Place of Service: Zion – Carpenter, IL; Trinity – Wordon, IL; & LCMS Coordinator for Stewardship

Breakout Title: Stewardship and the Family

Breakout Description: Lutherans approach all topics that fall under sanctification via vocation. The vocations we have in the family, the church, and society all have a financial component. How should families teach about these?


Rev. Kyle J. Fittje

Place of Service: Immanuel – Lockwood, MO

Breakout Title: The Present of Presence: Using Ancient Monastic Wisdom to Combat Acedia Toward your Family

Breakout Description: You know you should feel grateful for the blessing of your family, but sometimes you just aren’t feeling it. Truth be told, You would rather be doing something fun or relaxing than being present with your family. The Church has fought against this dissatisfaction with God’s gifts for its whole history. The ancient Christians called it acedia. Sitting at their feet in how they battled against this demonic oppression in their own monastic vocations, we can gain valuable insights in how to increase appreciation for our families and our vocations as parents.


Rev. Sean Kilgo

Place of Service: Redeemer – Lawrence, KS

Breakout Title: Lord, Be Our Light When Worldly Darkness Veils Us: Joy in the Midst of a Dark World

Breakout Description: When we look around at the world and its fallenness, its darkness, and the veil which seems to be ever more present and overt, we can be tempted to think that there is no hope and no reason for joy. But the Lord gives us His joy as a shield even in the midst of dark days. John Pr. Kilgo to discover what tht eLord has to say about living with joy in the light of Christ in the midst of the darkness of this life.


Rev. Dr. Rocco Mallardi

Place of Service: Heit’s Point Lutheran Camp

Breakout Title: The Family that Prays Together, Stays Together

Breakout Description: In this breakout you will be given the practical tools to help you lead your family in prayer.


Rev. Andrew Preus

Place of Service: Trinity – New Haven, MO

Breakout Title: Bearing the Crosses of the Family

Breakout Description: Your family isn’t a cross. It is a good creation of God. But God has attached crosses to your family to strengthen you by the Gospel of Christ, who bore his cross to save you, your spouse, your children, and all who are far off.


Rev. Erik Rottmann

Place of Service: Grace – Versailles, MO)

Breakout Title: Endurance

Description: Let’s talk about the things that must be endured, and how we might get the job done.


Rev. Dr. Gregory R. Truwe

Place of Service: Trinity – Cole Camp

Breakout Title: What to do With the Desires of Your Heart? Learning How to Handle Your Passions

Breakout Description: The world tells you to “follow your heart’s desire.” But Jesus and His apostles have a different way to speak about your heart. Join Pastor Truwe as we learn from Jesus and His apostles how to think about passions, and how we might have godly desires put in our hearts.

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